Roadside Assistance: Beyond Towing

Imagine this. You're driving down the road at night, down a road you don't recognize when you hit a pothole that's gone rogue. If it's done some significant damage, that'll pull you over pretty quickly. When you've got car trouble, and you're nowhere near home, you may go straight for your phone with the intention of calling your local towing company. But how do you decide which company to call? This article that we've put together will take you on a deep dive into the world of roadside assistance. What do we need to know, and how can it help us narrow down our choices of towing companies? Let's head over to step 1 and find out.

Flat Tire Changes:

Getting a flat tire can really ruin your plans, no matter what you had going on before. Although if you have a good roadside assistance protocol in place, it can be the difference between a bad day and a good day. Choosing the right professionals to come and bail you out can be tricky. Luckily, Meriden Towing Service will make sure that your spare tire is swapped out and send you on your way with as little hassle as possible.

Battery Jump-Start:

Dead batteries can quickly turn a pleasant stop into a frustrating situation. Imagine grabbing lunch, only to return and find your lights were left on, resulting in a lifeless battery. At Meriden Towing Service, we understand these inconveniences. Our skilled drivers are ready to reach you swiftly, reviving your battery and bringing your car back to life. Our goal is to get you back on the road promptly, ensuring you can continue your adventure or reach a nearby mechanic without further delays. Trust us to provide efficient and reliable assistance when you need it most.

Fuel Delivery:

No matter how prepared you try to be, there might come a day when you're cruising down the road, and the gas station is nowhere in sight. Suddenly, your truck is stranded by the side of the highway. With just a quick call, Meriden Towing Service is there, right by your side to fuel you up and get you back on the right track. Our prompt assistance ensures you reach your destination without further delays. Count on us to provide the support you need when you find yourself running on empty.

Lockout Assistance:

We've all experienced that moment of realization when you step out of the car, do a quick scan for your keys, and slowly turn around to find them sitting on the seat, staring right back at you. It happens to be the same day you remembered to lock each door upon leaving the car. But fret not; we have a service for that too. Reach out to us, and not only will we be there before you know it to unlock that door, but you can also avoid paying hefty locksmith fees. Trust Meriden Towing Service to provide a quick and cost-effective solution to those unexpected locked-out moments.

Winching and Recovery:

Getting stuck in mud, snow, or other challenging terrain can be a hassle, but with Meriden Towing Service, being stuck can become a thing of the past. Our drivers, equipped with roadside assistance skills, can efficiently winch and recover your vehicle from terrain you wouldn't want to navigate on foot. When you need to get unstuck, we can make it happen! Our trucks come fully equipped to pull you to safety, saving you time and potentially minimizing any additional damage the terrain could cause. Trust us to provide effective solutions and get you back on the road hassle-free.

On-Site Repairs:

In certain situations, minor repairs can be addressed right at the scene of the accident. Common issues like a faulty alternator, a loose connection with your battery, or a broken belt can be efficiently handled. All of our drivers are skilled roadside assistance technicians, capable of saving you the time and trouble of towing your vehicle to a mechanic's shop, especially if it's later at night. Trust Meriden Towing Service to provide on-the-spot solutions, ensuring your vehicle is back in working order without the need for additional transportation.


Roadside assistance is always here to save you time and trouble; by offering you a range of services, we hope to take care of all your needs if you happen to be stranded. It could be a flat tire to jump-start, tow to winch rescue; whatever the emergency, we will get you rolling again. You have a ton of options to choose from, make sure you pick a reliable provider that can offer comprehensive service and takes pride in getting you out of harm's way through any unforeseen situations.